Kauffenheim Alsace, France

La Maison des Temps is a private retreat centre nestled in the Rhine valley between the wonderful landscapes of the French Vosges and the German Black Forest. When we took over this historical family farm house in a tiny village of Alsace in 2018 we had long nights of talking and evaluating what would be the right thing to do with that unique place: What would really fulfill us and give sense to our daily work life here? We finally realized that we want to create a place where the dialogue with the rhythm of nature and the arts as well as the activation of a balanced body and mind system will ideally create a sense of peace and happiness – not only for us, but also for other human beings. Discover our curated programme and join the spirit of La Maison de Temps.

 – Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer & Gianna Thiess



At La Maison des Temps our approach is to deliver a unique experience where nature, tides, timelessness and passion fuse. Please see our updated program of our curated retreats as download pdf below. We collaborate with international artists, spiritual teachers like our friend the buddhist Lama Choeze Kuchen Rinpoche from Himalaya Mountains or experienced botanists for garden workshops and guided outdoor excursions. Also we want you to enjoy natural, fresh and local food and not at least diverse Pilates/ Yoga classes by highly profiled teachers.

Customized Retreats

La Maison des Temps invites you to enjoy your own, customized retreat. At La Maison des Temps our approach is to deliver a unique experience where nature, tides, timelessness and passion fuse. If you would like to experience your own corporate retreat we are more than happy to tailor-make an offer that exactly suits your needs.

program pdf download

Holistic Health Concepts
by Gianna Thiess

La Maison des Temps collaborates with Gianna Thiess who develops holistic movement- and food-concepts wich she shares during our retreats. She is a studied Sports Scientist and Health specialist certified by the prestigious “Sporthochschule” University in Cologne. Gianna has a holistic knowledge in how to achieve a balanced body and mind. And delivers her „Body&Mind Flow“classes or private lessons, so as healthy food concepts.

Artists in Residence

Twice a year most diverse International artists are invited to live and work with us at La Maison des Temps. We enjoy and celebrate the creative process and the progressive world views of arts imagined and crafted in a nature context. An inspiration we want to share with our guests. In collaboration with Circle Culture Gallery Berlin/ Hamburg and the Arts & Nature Social Club we stage exhibition openings and have ongoing show rooms with art for sale.

Rooms & Location

Book your private stay with us, in one of our suites or guest rooms any time of the year. On request we propose our location as a venue for conferences, weddings, workshops, events & exhibitions. For inquiries and further information, please contact us via email to gianna@maisondestemps.net


La Maison Des Temps

12 Rue Principale, 67480 Kauffenheim, France

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For the past 15 years, Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer as a gallery owner has had the privilege to get to know and study the philosophical worldviews of dozens of influential artists from up close. This experience has honed his holistic perspective on life and the world, eventually calling him for a strong commitment to our nature. He is co-owner of the Circleculture Group, a company developing global communication for the arts and consumer culture. Also he is the founder of the Arts & Nature Social Club, a non for profit organisation establishing chapters in multiple cities and countries cultivating the question: „How can human species be in harmony with the global bio- and geo system again ?”


As a studied Sports Scientist and Health specialist Gianna knows how to rebalance, align and find flow within the body and mind which can lead to grow empathy for ourselves, nature and our overall environment. With 10 years of teaching experience Gianna develops holistic movement- and food-concepts. She’s the founder of the Body&Mind Flow and Eat&Treat concepts and the General Manager of the La Maison Des Temps retreat center.

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